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Document Composition

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Alchem-e™ Doc Creator empowers customers with a platform to manage the entire content creation lifecycle independently, eliminating the need for direct assistance.

For Print Service Providers

You can either use the online Alchem-e portal or integrate Alchem-e™ Doc Creator into your existing website. This enables your customers to create, edit, and manage documents, maintain control over their brand, and send approved versions for your production use.

For Corporate Marketing & Communications

Whether you’re offering a document composition service that merges variable data into forms, your customers may wish to independently create, edit, manage approvals, and then send authorized versions to you for the final composition. Give them what they want with Alchem-e™ Doc Creator.
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Alchem-e™ Doc Creator Benefits

Boost customer satisfaction

Enhance visibility of design activities

Offer prebuilt templates for efficiency

Faster turnaround times

Stay current with corporate content control trends

Multi-tenant model to support your customers

White label Branding

Flexible deployment and licensing

Alchem-e™ Doc Creator Capabilities

Alchem-e™ Doc Creator allows you to create and store document templates that serve as the foundation for generating different types of documents. Templates can include fixed content, placeholders for variable data, and formatting options.
Data Ingestion (Variable data)
Alchem-e™ Doc Creator ingests data from many sources, such as databases, spreadsheets, transactional or CRM systems for use in generating personalized documents.
Conditional Logic
Configure conditional logic within Alchem-e™ Doc Creator to generate different content based on specific conditions or rules. For example, include certain paragraphs or graphics based on customer preferences or transaction details.
Alchem-e™ Doc Creator streamlines the document generation process, automating the entire composition and delivery workflow.
Document Output Options
Alchem-e™ Doc Creator offers various output options, such as printing, PDF generation, email delivery, or integration with other systems for further processing.
Compliance and Security
Control who has access to the system to view documents and data.
Alchem-e™ Doc Creator can be integrated into existing portals and systems through iFrame, SSO, and API.
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