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Design Proofing

If you’re a marketer, brand manager, product manager, line of business owner, government agency, photographer, or any kind of content owner and creator, this online system is for you.

Production Proofing

If you responsible for making sure that large production runs and personalized documents and communications are perfect before production begins, then you found the right system.

Video Tutorials

How to Upload a Proof

How to Upload a Proof and Create a Project

How to Add Reviewers

How to Approve a Proof

How to Change the Version

How to Upload a Proof to a Project

How to View and Add Comments

API Call via Swagger

How to View PDF Versions and Event History

Uploads Multiple Files Using API

How to Edit Your Profile

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Secure Design Proofing

Your life just got easier! No more chasing down approvals, much easier posting of proofs for customers to view, fewer meetings, faster turnarounds, and better communication between you and your customers. Plus, the added benefit of protecting sensitive information, documents, and data.


Collaboration Icon

Collaborate, Annotate, Compare Versions

Finish tasks faster and shorten the approval time with features that enable you to work remotely with your customer as if they were in your office. Customers can annotate, compare versions side-by-side on the screen, and quickly communicate changes that make sense right away. Reduce the confusion and back and forth that can frustrate people.


Workflow Proofing

Proofing Workflows and Projects

Upload a simple proof in a matter of a few clicks, and for more sophisticated proofing workflows, you can create projects that have multiple approvers, sends automated notifications, and allows you to track progress.

Production Proofing

Secure Production Proofing

After the design is approved, you can view static content and variable content before sending to production printing, mailing, and other processes. These can be static press proofs and variable data proofs that have tens of thousands of personalized pieces. Each record and personalized piece can be viewed and removed from production if needed. The approvals are logged for evidence and jobs can automatically be removed based on your settings to support security initiatives.


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