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If this is you…

Design Proofing

If you’re a marketer, brand manager, product manager, line of business owner, government agency, photographer, or any kind of content owner and creator, this online system is for you.

Production Proofing

If you responsible for making sure that large production runs and personalized documents and communications are perfect before production begins, then you found the right system.

How Does It Work?

Here’s an easy way to create your Proof in 4 easy steps

1. Upload Your Design

Select from three types of review and proofing processes. For quick and easy one time review, choose Quick Proof to quickly upload a PDF for proofing; for repetitive projects use Create Project, where you define your review process one time and reuse it whenever needed; or create a Variable Data Project, to handle variable data jobs like mailings and want to look an any of the pieces.

2. Add Reviewers

You can assign internal and external reviewers by simply adding their email address to the Project or File, or form a Group with recurring reviewers. Including multiple reviewers at once is allowed as well as changing their permission role at any time. All added users will be notified once you set their role in Alchem-e™ Proof.

3. Review & Approval

Use the tools inside Alchem-e™ Proof to make changes, annotate, compare versions side-by-side on the screen, and quickly communicate with your reviewers. Set your preferences for automatically updating people on the team about the progress of the design, feedback and approvals.

4. Your Proof is Ready!

Once your Proof is Approved, you’re now ready to send the job to production!

Everything You Need to Get Fast Reviews and Approvals

Comments & Annotations

When trying to get content approved, it can be hard to share and collect the right feedback to keep your project moving along. That’s why we created an easy-to-use tool that lets you create, manage and track comments, replies, and annotations made by all the reviewers assigned to a file.


  • Validate sizing and spacing with the ruler and measurement tool
  • Give precise feedback using the marquee selection tool to add a comment box
  • @ Tag or mention other reviewers
  • Private (internal) comments that only certain reviewers can view
  • Resolve comments
  • Responsive design to support mobile review and approval – Review all comments made in a document

Version Management & Proof Comparison

With Alchem-e™ Proof, users can create, access, and manage specific versions of documents throughout the approval process, when needed. Historical changes are saved in the File Details tab and can be accessed for comparison purposes.

  • Create and access prior document versions easily
  • Auto-Compare any two versions side by side and share findings with reviewers
  • Automatically give reviewers access to all versions uploaded

Notifications & Reminders

Real-time notifications are not only necessary to keep you on task, but they can also be a great way to keep everyone on the same page and get your ideas flowing. Additionally, You can customize your notification preferences so that you only get alerts for the things that are important to you.

  • Automatically send reminders before, on, and after the deadline
  • Notify reviewers when a new version is ready for review by email and in the app
  • Customize email notifications
  • Choose how often your team gets updates

User Dashboard

We know that there are a lot of things to keep track of in your business, and it can be hard to keep up with all your proofs, statuses, and progress. That’s why we’ve made it easy to arrange all your files; create, manage and organize your proofs—all in one place!

  • See all your proofs at a glance with our dashboard interface
  • Organize proofs by projects, approved, pending, and rejected
  • Review recent activity, recent files and proof summary at a glance

Proof Status & Progress Management

Alchem-e™ Proof prioritizes file status progression. We want you to proof documents seamlessly and send the jobs to production faster. The unique progress markers, coupled with group and individual reviewer progression indicators facilitate file progress management. Forget about never-ending email threads and memory to keep your proofs on track.

  • Focus on file approval progress with the support of CSOC status indicators
  • Determine the status of each proof with a quick look using the dashboard view
  • Track approval as a group, assigned team and individual reviewer level
  • Reduce email threads and memory reliance to keep proof approval on schedule


Design Icon

Faster Feedback and Approvals

Your life just got easier! No more chasing down approvals, much easier posting of proofs for customers to view, fewer meetings, faster turnarounds, and better communication between you and your customers. Plus, the added benefit of protecting sensitive information, documents, and data.


Collaboration Icon

Get More Done with Powerful Features

Finish tasks faster and shorten the approval time with features that enable you to work remotely with your customer as if they were in your office. Customers can annotate, compare versions side-by-side on the screen, and quickly communicate changes that make sense right away. Reduce the confusion and back and forth that can frustrate people.


Workflow Proofing

Easily handle Repetitive Jobs

Upload a simple proof in a matter of a few clicks, and for more sophisticated proofing workflows, you can create projects that have multiple approvers, sends automated notifications, and allows you to track progress.

Production Proofing

Protect Your Data and Designs

After the design is approved, you can view static content and variable content before sending to production printing, mailing, and other processes. These can be static press proofs and variable data proofs that have tens of thousands of personalized pieces. Each record and personalized piece can be viewed and removed from production if needed. The approvals are logged for evidence and jobs can automatically be removed based on your settings to support security initiatives.


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