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Book Manufacturing

Manage and simplify the entire print production process.

Alchem-eEdge prepares jobs for efficient production and communicates real-time order status throughout the manufacturing process, making commercial printers and book manufacturers more productive.

How Does it Work?

Successfully migrating from handling, managing, and fulfilling dozens to possibly thousands of orders per day requires innovation to produce high-volume, short-run jobs for faster turnaround, greater efficiency, and greater profitability

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Alchem-e™ Edge constructs book jobs for optimal production

Alchem-e™ Edge intelligently constructs book jobs for optimal production and it does it automatically to avoid segmented manual steps such as grouping like orders, imposing pages, barcoding, preflighting, sequencing book blocks and covers, and otherwise preparing jobs for specific production lines.

Alchem-e™ Edge is tuned to do important work

Alchem-e™ Edge is tuned to do the important work that takes place before you send jobs to your printing equipment.

Companies that you know, trust Alchem-e™ Edge to run their jobs the right way every time. You can too.


Alchem-e™ Edge Print Applications

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Magazine, Catalogues, Magalogues

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Paperback books

Workflow Proofing

Education and SMT Textbooks

Production Proofing

Financial Annuity Reports

Discover the power of hyper-automation!